• Travel across the island
  • Escape the vile bandits of the forest and the southern mountains 
  • Commerce with the cities, collect food, metal and people
  • Turn metal into culture, to call more people to your caravan! 
  • Don't stay in one place! Bandits can track you down, and the wild life will start to die!!
  • DOS-style art, tiles based on Dragon Warrior


Just WASD or arrows to move around. Go near things to interact. 

When you move, you will consume food. If you stay still you will consume food slower, but you'll be most likely get caught by the bandits.

There are three types of buildings:

  • Cities: when you arrive at them, people will join your caravan. You can sell food to get metal and vice-versa.
  • Mines: You can leave people to work here. When you return to them, you will gain metal.
  • Lighthouses: You can leave people to work here. When you return to them, you will gain food.

You can gain food from the bushes and animals. You can't gain metal from any natural way.

Also, there are bandits! Avoid them at all costs! If they get you, they will take your food and metal. If you don't have metal, they'll take even more food and kill some of your people.

Known bugs:

Sometimes, people won't join the caravan. Move along and try another time.

For the future:

  • A decent menu/ tutorial
  • Market place with dynamic values
  • Sound. I always forget about it till the last moment.
  • Better visual feedback for actions and caravan
  • Better AI for the animals
  • Seasons


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I agree that the city pop ups can be frustrating when you’re trying to escape bandits.

I like the idea, it is pretty smooth to just be able to zoom around collecting food. I wasn’t really able to figure out how the mines work, so maybe making that a bit clearer would help.

Damn, it's true that the city popup is frustrating. I think a "press E" interaction would have solved that. With a little more testing this would become apparent. Sorry for missing it! 😅

Glad you like the general idea, tho! In the mines and lighthouses, you can leave people and, when you come back sometime after, you can retrieve them, with a payment made in metal/food (although the equation for it is a little broken haha)


The animations on the characters look nice, and I enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the game. I think that a tutorial screen of some kind at the beginning explaining the various components might make it easier to get started. Thanks for a great submission :)


The city pop up can be slightly annoying when running away from bandits or when wild life is on top of the city. It also took me a little bit to figure out that people seem to join you automatically when visiting a city. But I loved the idea, and I really like the grazing animations on the wild life :)