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Have you ever wanted to add cockfights to your TTRPGs settings? No. Me too! 

This is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game Supplement, whose aim is to add cockfighting to your gaming sessions. With this guide, you will be able to make your players live through the emotions of a real caged fight between cocks or roosters. They do not control the animals, only their luck. 

The Game Master who uses this guide will have tons of real-life information to enrich the game feel with the sports culture of cockfighting, and the tools of rooster breeding. If your players wanted to, they could become rooster raisers and make a living out of it!

Warning: Not tested enough!

Cover image by Rison Thumboor (CC)

In this supplement you will find:

  • Base cock character sheet: The basic knowledge to roll the dice.
  • Base play system: The base fighting mechanic.
  • Sentimental state system: The fighting capabilities of a rooster could be actively affected by how the fight is going.
  • Rooster info: Some data on what these animals are, and how they act for the GM.

We'll like to add:

  • Culture of champions (coming soon): A little insight into the culture around cockfight tournaments, and the different types of cautions and rules they have.
  • Choose your rooster (coming soon): There are many types of cocks, and each one has its unique characteristics. Maybe, even unique fighting abilities.
  • Rise your own cock (coming soon): A guide into the fascinating world of rooster breeding, conditioning your own roosters.
  • Multi-game adaptability (coming soon): Due to the system being relatively easy to use, one could add magical boosts and other special content.



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